Wellbeing Science Institute

Steve Johnson (Founder & Managing Director)

David's PhD research on managing Pacific athletes in professional sport provides much-needed insights and strategies into diversity management and the importance of Pacific athlete wellbeing.

Teacher Training Association

Miles Campbell (Founder & CEO)

David has a proven history in creating and facilitating culturally responsive workshops and courses. His engagement strategies and resources are invaluable.Teacher Tr

Beyond Action

Frank Chidiac (General Manager & Executive Producer)

Talanoa Consultancy possesses deep expertise on Pacific Islanders in sport. David consistency produces professional and high quality work in a timely fashion.

National Rugby League

Steve Meredith (General Manager Community Programs)

David has pioneered initiatives that continue to unite and provide pathways for culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) people to thrive in our game. When you combine his unique professional experiences and qualifications, he is well-placed to support organisations who are wanting to improve diversity engagement in sport.